Collective Intelligence is shared or group intelligence...

Recently, it occurred to me that knowledge we rely on daily (at least part of it) comes from those wonderful souls who make up our circles. That's probably going to sound like a Google+ term to some of you!

If you are in my Toastmasters circle, you may have heard me mention something like this in my, "That Little Voice" speech. That little voice inside your head that provides good advice (I believe) comes from all of the wisdom you've collected through the years.

Social Media, for all the time it may demand, can be so useful as a platform for airing your creativity. In this case, I was just checking into the usual places - Fb, Tw, and Li and stumbled upon a few well-timed posts by Melissa Galt. Her advice made me stop the "just checking into..." and start writing. The title came to me in a flash, because I truly had to stop what I was doing to take her advice. And I wrote an article for my blog, as a result.
Thanks, Melissa! Click the link, or the image above, to read it.

When I posted a link to my article, in response to her Tweet, I think she liked it, because she shared it widely. Then we spoke later to discuss her needs with regard to services I offer. So, if you do blog, or write a newsletter, leverage that content with Social Media. When it turns into leads, prospects, or new clients, You'll soon become a proponent of the value of time you spend on Social Media!

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Blog Post Planning and Post Production

It is kind of funny how many blog posts I write without planning. An idea pops up and I just grab it and go. I've even written about that process - if you can call it that. Sitting down at a blank screen and clearing my mind, I just start with the next thing that occurs to me. Here are three of those: Not A Word, On Knowing And Trusting, and Ask Any Astrologer.

More often, I'm concerned first with which of my blogs should contain the new article. The one referenced above, about Social Media, could just as easily have been put on my professional blog. Because it was opinion-based and more about my feelings at the time, I posted it in my personal blog.
As they say in Paris, C'est la vie!
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If you've been to, you may know I've been working diligently to be the local SEO expert in Palm Desert. This work is paying off now, as my quest to rise to the top of Google's search results, has achieved just that result!
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